Quick Answer: What is the meaning of mole in English?

What do we call mole in English?

: a pigmented spot, mark, or small permanent protuberance on the human body especially : nevus. mole. noun (2) Definition of mole (Entry 2 of 6) 1 : any of numerous burrowing insectivores (especially family Talpidae) with tiny eyes, concealed ears, and soft fur.

What does it mean to have moles?

a person who works for an organization or government and secretly gives information to its competitor or enemy: A mole inside the Department had leaked secret proposals to the press. Compare.

How do you use the word mole in a sentence?

Mole sentence examples

  1. “Maybe you’re the mole, brother,” Kiki added. …
  2. There is a mole about 90 ft. …
  3. The roads are protected from every wind except the south, which occasions a heavy surf; but against this a mole was constructed in 1863. …
  4. Sophie, the rosy, laughter-loving, youngest princess with the mole, watched him.

Which moles are lucky?

If the mole is located inside the upper eyelid, such persons are considered lucky and wealthy. Conversely, a mole inside the lower eyelid is considered unlucky. People with a mole in the right eye are quick earners. They earn money even without indulging in successful businesses or employments.

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What is Mole on human body?

Moles are a common type of skin growth. They often appear as small, dark brown spots and are caused by clusters of pigmented cells. Moles generally appear during childhood and adolescence. Most people have 10 to 40 moles, some of which may change in appearance or fade away over time.

Which moles are lucky for female?

A mole on the ear is an auspicious sign. The females with a mole on the ear will be very lucky, intelligent and quick to make decisions. If there is a mole on both the ears, those females will enjoy the most comfortable life and can influence others easily. A marriage on the left ear suggests a good marriage.

What do moles on face mean?

It gives a useful insight into your personality, state of mind, future and health. A mole on the cheek like Marilyn Monroe’s can represent potential accidents. A mole by the mouth suggests a person who enjoys the finer things in life. A mole on the chin means tenacity, determination and stubbornness.

What does mole on breast mean?

According to World of Feng Shui, a mole on your chest or breast can mean you are ambitious, are generous, or have wonderful children.

What is the sentence of squirrel?

Squirrel sentence examples. What did she have that a squirrel would eat? If I had a gun with me, we could have some squirrel for supper. The snow seems to trap me, as it does with the small squirrel I am watching from my window.

Are moles on face attractive?

They can give you a seductive and flirtatious look and give even more glamour to your appearance. A beauty mark or beauty spot is a dark facial mole, so named because such moles have at times been considered an attractive feature. creating false ones became common, often in fanciful shapes such as hearts or stars.

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Which Mole indicates fame?

Moles on the Back

A mole near the backbone indicates leadership, success, and fame. Moles below shoulder blades indicate struggles in life. Mole above the shoulder blades indicates the courage to tackle obstacles. Moles on the right side of the shoulder suggest good health.

Is big forehead lucky?

A truly blessed person will have symmetry when it comes to their forehead and if it is protruding and prominent, you’re more likely to experience great fortune. … A round forehead indicates power in your future, a curved forehead indicates wealth and a protruding forehead indicates authority.

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